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Question Which Insurance??...(UK)

I need some advice, as realising GSDs are very expensive to insure! I'm not sure how much a GSD may rake up yearly in vets bills...I know he may have hip issues etc. down the line, but I don't know if they are likely to rack up more then £7.5k per year or if I should go for £12k.

So my options are:

a) More Than Premier:

Price:£29 per month


Vet Fees - £12,000 per year, ongoing treatments are covered.
Accidental Damage - £2,000
Third Party Liability - £3million
Death from accident/illness - £2,000
Lost & Found cover
Pets Abroad Cover
Farewell Cover
Customer Manager - so you deal with same person all the time.
Dental Care Cover

Excess: £75

b) Pet Plan

Cost: £45.94

Vet Fees - £7,000 per year, ongoing.
Complementary Treatment (acupuncture etc. by a vet) - £1,000 (£75 excess)
Third Party Liability - £2million (£250 excess)
Boarding Fees - £1,500
Advertising & Reward - £1,500
Loss by Theft/Straying - £1,500
Holiday Cancellation - £1,500
Qurantine Expenses/Documents lost - £1,500
Emergency Repatriation - £500

Excess: £100 unless stated otherwise, above.


Pet Plan seems so expensive, but their reputation is second to none. More Than has more mixed reviews, but their excess is lower whilst paying out for more. However Pet Plan are less likely to try and get out of a payment, they're known for coughing up quickly. Trouble is I'm not made out of money and to get £12k cover etc. with Pet Plan it would be £88.80 a month

Open to other suggestions/recommendations...
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