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Unhappy Please comment and advice of young puppy

Hello fellow GSD owners, its been a pleasure being part of this forum with such great gsd parents with very useful information and advice. I have had Max for just about a month now as I got him from my previous vet's contact at about 6 weeks. I was previously unaware that he should have stayed two more weeks with his mother and litter but whats done is done. I have tried my best to be there for him when he initially got very sick after some green deworming medicine was given to him by my previous vet at 7 weeks. He had lost lot of weight then and had to be given IV since he wouldnt eat anything for 3 days and it was so sad to see him go through this trauma. Fortunately right after that I fount a reputable homeopathic vet and hospital and have switched him to there and he seems to love the employees very much there. Sorry to ramble on as this is my first post but I have a few questions if you guys could shed some light on. Last 3 weeks he is doing fine and growing fast since he was on RC Maxi starter but recently I wanted him to try Pedigree professional Large breed puppy as he seems to love it much more. I have a beautiful golden retriever at home with my parents that is of champion line pedigree whos always been fed pedigree his whole life and he has the most beautiful fur and coat i have honestly ever seen on any GR. Then recently I stumbled upon how everyone here is very much against pedigree foods so I wanted some advice. I think my max who should be around 10 weeks or so weights currently 7 kgs and seems about right but his face is tiny and I wonder if its becuase I have taken him off RC and switched to pedigree. the quantity now recommended is doubled and his stool is much larger and hard! wonder if thats good or bad?

Anyhow i will attach some pics so you guys can give me some good advice since this is my first time raising puppy on my own but I have always been around many many dogs my whole life. I have always loved the gsd that i have had at my grandpas place so its been really great raising my fist gsd puppy! Oh boy, can it be a real real challenge and stressful sometimes but I always try to stay optimistic since I was aware of what I was getting into but its like polar opposites of raising a GR as mine at home is so so chill. My max however hasnt learned to be still for a couple mins and is full of energy and high drive to play and get me to engage him. Its really fun and I'm loving every minute of it since he's still young my vet has recommended to not let him outside just yet until he gets his second set of shots and rabies shot after 3 weeks. So i have just been training him inside the house mostly obedience and teaching him to be independent. Please let me know what you guys think after seeing the pics and if there is anything I should be worried about. Can you also confirm if he looks like a proper gsd since my mom always teases me he is mongrel mix Thank you so much and wish you all a great day
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