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Talking Couldn't live without a dog, so we adopted an Akita!

Hey guys! Long time no talk. After the passing of my Mali (GSD) I kind of left the board a while. It's been rough not owning a dog. I always said I wanted German Shepherds my whole life, but I wanted to wait until I found a breeder with the perfect pup for me and until I had loads of time to train a puppy. So I am waiting, probably for another few years.

That said, I have found that it is hard to handle not having a dog in the house. I have my two cats, and they're great, but you know they're not dogs. They can't go anywhere with you! So after a couple of months of discussion and intense diliberation my fiancÚ and I decided to adopt an older dog who desperately needed a home. We scanned shelters for months, met a few, but never fell in love with any of them.

Until today. Today we met George. He will be renamed, something my fiancÚ has yet to come up with, but for now I'll just refer to him by his shelter name. He was found roaming the streets with another Akita, most likely a breeding pair, according to the shelter. He looks purebred but I am not positive so I will post pictures later. I intend to pick him up tomorrow after buying some necessities he'll need. He's good with dogs, cats, and extremely friendly. The shelter described him as hard to adopt because he's big and a project dog, due to his lack of manners when playing. He mouths and rough houses a bit too much for the average person. I don't see an issue with being able to train that out of him (his other house manners demonstrate that he most definitely seemed to live in a house before becoming a stray) but this is my first Akita type dog so any advice would be appreciated. He's already a big boy, around 85 pounds with a head like a bear. I'm extremely excited to finally having a dog again, even know I know some intense training is in order.

So any advice from anyone with Akita experience? I plan on training him to run with me eventually (I've gotten to where I love running) so hopefully he'll like that.

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