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Originally Posted by Jack's Dad View Post
I have seen threads where breeders picking a puppy for the prospective buyers, seems somehow connected to whether a breeder is "reputable or not.
The whole idea of breeders picking pups accurately is questionable to me.
I'm not against them picking as long as it's ok by both parties.

Also, as much as we don't like to think of puppies as a product, they are.

Isn't one buyers money as good as the next persons?
I don't think that just becaus

I don't believe there is a right or wrong here. Just things to think about.
12 years ago when we got our last puppy from a breeder we picked, and it was the norm. I was somewhat horrified to learn that now breeders pick the puppy.

With the rescue we did not pick, we allowed people to choose which puppy they wanted. We did however restrict a couple of the dogs to families with no young kids & we pointed that out right up front. This puppy and this puppy are only available to homes with NO young children.
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