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Unhappy Hip dysplasia sucks.

In May of 2012, when Versailles was just over a year old, we did prelim xrays so I could decide whether or not to spay her. Her prelims came back moderate which upset me a lot but we moved on.

She's turning 3 on March 20, so I decided to re-xray today just to see how they turned out. Her prelims were done when she was awake and weren't the best, so was hoping maybeeee I'd be lucky and have them go from moderate to mild. Unfortunately, my vet thinks they're between moderate and severe.. Yuck! She's not showing any clinical symptoms (except today, pulling on them definitely made her a bit sore) but I went ahead and got a rx for Carprofen to keep on hand after working her.

I'm going to continue training her; my vet thinks keeping her active and strong is the best thing for her and encouraged me not to slow down. She's a very high drive working dog and I think she'd go insane if she couldn't train anymore.

Anyway, I've got her back on Phycox and started her on Standard Process Ligaplex II at the advice of members on this board. My vet recommends starting her on Purina JM and says it has an awesome amount of fatty acids and omegas. Looking at the reviews, people hate the ingredients, but people seem to find that it really does work. I can get it at 50% off as a veterinary assistant so I may give it a go. Anybody have any experience with it? Any recommendations for anything else I should add or do differently? I want the best for her and she is an absolutely incredible dog. For those wondering, she came from a reputable breeder and her parents both had passing hips. I just have crap luck and apparently needed my first working dog to be broken

Attached the xrays in case anyone is curious. A little crooked but not sending it off to the OFA since I already know she's at least moderate.
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