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My 10 mo used to get frustratingly excited when we got close to a place he liked, or a person he knew was outside the car, or ANY time he saw another dog. Maniac-excited.

I made the mistake when he was younger of letting him jump out as soon as we got home (as soon as I opened his door) because he was literally tearing my car apart. I reformed and began a sit and wait routine until he was calm. I always have his prong on the car for this reason...he is a big boy and in the beginning, I needed it to keep him in there. He got much better A LOT faster (amazing what a bit common sense will do if you use it ). I also bought an SUV so he coikd be crated.

Also, when I'm driving and he's calm for a few minutes, I toss a treat back. When he's wild, I ignore. I gave up the crate about a month ago, and so far so good.

We still have an issue when he sees dogs but mostly I think its improving with maturity.

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