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Default 8 weeks old---Murphy

I had a few people express interest in watching Murphy grow, even though he is not a full GSD (or maybe at all). So here are some new pics!

He is now 8 weeks old and at the vet yesterday weighed 9.5 lbs
Poor thing, I think would be bigger if we could get him healthy. He had a severe case of round worm and hook worm when I got him, then coccidia, and now back to the roundworn and hook worm : ( (I dont think it was cleared the first time)
Despite all of that he has put on 4lbs in the three weeks ive had him so he is doing ok. I think if he ever gets over all of this he may start to grow A LOT.
Either way he is such a sweet puppy and I cant wait to see what kind of dog he turns into.

Dont know how to fix the sideways pics SORRY
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