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Food for puppy and 1 yr old....

I have a 9 week old and 1 yr old....I currently feed the 9 wk old Blue Buffalo puppy. It is giving him runny stool and I want to switch him from it. My 1 yr old is getting TOTW. She does good on it...but it is just very expensive and with my wife and I expecting our new child (human) in the next couple months our income is gonna decrease since she will be leaving her job. question is...if you were in my situation would you feed both dogs the same food, and if so what formula would you choose? I am not going to feed RAW at this time, so that is out of the question unfortunately. I've read tons of threads no feeding puppies adult or ALS formulas and I am wanting to go that route.

All that being said...Do you think Nutro natural choice endurance/protein would be a good option?

How about eukanuba excel large breed salmon??

If I am totally crazy, please tell me what you'd recommend! Thanks in advance!
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