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Repeat Breeding

You see it a lot on breeders pages "we were so happy with the previous breeding that we've decided to do a repeat" or "the results from our last litter were superb, as such, we've decided to repeat the breeding", but how do breeders assess the quality of their dogs when most of them sell them off at 8 weeks old.

I ask because my boy came from a litter of five and I noticed the breeder had a repeat breeding a few months later. I was never consulted, there was never any enquiry about how my pup had matured, or what his temperament was like and if they didn't consult me then there's reason to doubt that they consulted anyone else. So what gives? Is this just an excuse used to justify a repeat, for the sake of convenience? Or can a good breeder gather enough information out of a litter of 8 week olds, to accurately analyze the quality of that litter, in the spectrum of adult temperament?
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