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Very quick story...

So, I've had a Chi since he was two weeks. I bottle fed him and all that good stuff. Even before I got my GSDmix, the Chi was a challenge at times. By challenge- I mean the things that come with small breeds. They can be little jerks.

Now that I have Nonny, and I see his personality (pretty laid back for a GSD, even a mix), I can really see the difference in the two. It's making me even more frustrated with the Chi. I actually like him even less and find myself favoring Nonny b/c he's so easy going and laid back. He doesn't challenge me like the Chi does. He actually wants to please me, not challenge me.

When we train, it's easy to reset and try again without him trying too hard to take control over the lesson like the Chi does. Granted, Nonny is still a baby and I know his challenges lie ahead. But for now, I feel sort of guilty that the contrast in demeanor and personality is making me dislike my Chi. The Chi is a brat! Not for lack of training or effort on my part; he has been treated like a "dog" from day one, not a little delicate baby. He just really stands out now that I have one so different.
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