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I admit I do scruff, but it's reserved for serious situations only. I'm not entirely PR, I do believe NR has it's place but for puppies I really focus on encouraging the positive rather then punish the negative. They are still learning and I want them happy and willing to please. I want this attitude: 'oh boy, I did THIS *insert behaviour* and I got the best reward! I should do it again' rather then: 'oh no, she's stomping over to me, I shouldn't have chewed that shoe. Now she's mad'

For potty training (my poodle was awful) if I caught them right in the act I would loudly clap my hands and AH AH! (which is my NR 'try again' noise) and pick them up and take them outside. Some dogs pick it up quickly and some don't, be consistant and go with what works. Some dogs literally have to be out every 30 minutes or less unless they're dead asleep, some can hold it a little longer. I don't have expectations, I look at the pup in front of me and work with what they can do. Limiting water can help, it can always be available but only a certain amount is in the bowl at all times.

You mention crate time and taking them out when they whine at night. Personally this is what I do, first I always have a leash, slippers, and a coat at the foot of the bed. I have a routine for bedtime where they get a large play session so they are tired before they go into the crate and are ready to sleep. If I wake up and hear the pup whine I get up right away, pick them up and straight outside. I don't praise or talk, simply take them out and wait - 90% of the time they do their business in seconds and I again pick them up and put them straight back in the crate and go back to bed. There is no playtime or reward, so the dog quickly realizes that while yes I will take you outside, there's no real fun in it so therefore no benefit outside of a empty bladder.

As for training, the puppy is only 9 weeks. Yes I train my puppies from day 1 when they come home but all training is fun and positive. I work more on shaping than actual training while they're that young, I encourage the good behaviours I see and slowly teach them new ones. Keep your expectations realistic and remember that short training sessions (even 5-10 seconds) are more beneficial then trying to keep that puppy brain engaged for 5-15 minutes in strict obedience


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