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Wow. Okay, so our "puppy," Yogi is six months old. I took our other dog to the pet store because I never take her anywhere and left Yogi home in his wire crate. Locked. WITH ZIP TIES on the top where the lock mechanism is because he has pushed it to the unlock position before (without actually getting out).
I come home and the first thing I see when I walk in is a shredded paper towel. I inch inside and BOOM! Bombarded by the cutest, most imaginative puppy ever... And didn't he just look so happy.
Wire crate is ruined. Like, he chewed the zip ties off, pushed the door all the way open then proceeded to rip the whole **** thing off it's hinges and bent it beyond repair.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?!!" I yelled at him (that crate was $159.00!) and he walks over to his now door-less crate lays down and proceeds to SMILE AT ME. Full tongue to the side smile.
I'm not mad anymore but really?!! I had no idea he could accomplish that. No potty spots or broken things... I called the pet store and the owner laughed and said, "Well, I'll replace it for free because that was such an amazing feat and because well... He's adorable." *sigh* Time to go back to the pet store. That was the sturdiest one I've seen.

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