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New Puppy Mom

Hello everyone!

I have been floating around this forum for a while before I decided to make a profile because I had some questions that I was either confused about or wasn't able to find elsewhere.

First thing is discipline. I keep reading that it is really bad or at least frowned upon to scruff your puppy? This is confusing for me because I have been told and have read that scruffing them is the proper way to discipline. I have been doing this if I catch him piddling in the house. Now, I am aware that it is at the fault of me not my puppy however I keep a hawk's eye on him at all times outside his crate and unfortunately he gives no signs of needing to pee, half the time I don't even know he's done it until he trots away and leaves a puddle behind.

Also, I do not scruff if I don't catch him in the middle of it. I am very aware that dogs do not understand what they've done if you miss the mark.
I guess I don't find a stern "NO" and lifting them up and away being sufficient to teach them what is desired? Can someone change my view on this?
I do massive praise when he potties outside and he does know to what to do once out there.
I guess I am just afraid saying "no" sternly won't do anything for teaching what not to do, if that makes sense?

I am VERY open to all suggestions, although I work with dogs they are all adults and this is my first puppy, puppy. Pike is only 9 weeks, so all help is welcome!

My next question is crate training. So far he does very well, he naps in his crate and goes in there on his own. When we go to bed he doesn't fuss however I have noticed that he will whine a little too much throughout the night.
Sometimes it is to go potty but we are having problems with him being taken out and just messing around in the snow. If he isn't going potty he is immediately picked up and put back and we are back to sleep but he sometimes does it consistently(going outside to mess around.) Other nights he sleeps from midnight until 6am.
I have read elsewhere sometimes you just have to ignore them when they whine and they will learn that time is only for potty time. Is this true? I don't know that I could ignore him for fear he really has to go.

Last, when it comes to training if they do not listen or disobey what is the best way to approach that?
So far he has "sit" down pat and "watch me" down really well but that is it so far.
I can't really get him to come when I want him to, only on his terms which is frustrating.
Don't worry! I know he is young, I don't expect that much out of him yet, I am just looking for training suggestions for the future.

There is SO MUCH info I am literally overwhelmed with the rights and wrongs of puppy raising and training, especially a GSD, and sometimes all this info counters itself and I am left stressed and hoping I am not doing anything that will ruin my dog emotionally or the like.

Thank you all in advance! I am a crazy first time mom, ha, I know I need to relax some but I want to raise him well and make sure he's happy and healthy.

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