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pit bull
pit bull mixes
bully breeds, like cane corso's, doggo argentina's, presa canario and the like.

Sorry, I just don't like the way they look.

Neapolitan Mastiffs, chows, akitas,

any hairless breeds

Any tail-less breeds

Any corded breeds

Any with wire-hair breeds

Any breed that needs extensive grooming

Any breed that doesn't shed

Any breed that has to be docked or cropped to look like the breed standard

Any type deliberately mixed to produce a silly name: sheperdoodle, puggle, shih-poo


Northern dogs: huskies, malamutes, samoyeds, newfoundlands

pack-hunting dogs, hounds

terriers (unless I do not get my rodent situation cleared up)

toy dogs

It would be probably easier to type what type of dog I am willing to own.

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