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Talking Have to brag about Sinister

Yesterday I took Sinister to the Vet, he did great. He was very well behaved, he never whined or showed shyness, he sat still for his shots, he willingly went to the back room with the staff to get blood drawn and I could hear them talking to him telling him how he's such a good boy. The Vet and staff gave me lots of compliments about how well behaved he was, how handsome he was and how healthy he looked. As the Vet stood there and talked to me, Sinister kept giving him his paw and everytime the Vet would shake it and tell him thank you, then Sin would do it again, lol.

When we got into the car I gave him a pig's ear for being so good and we drove to Petco. He was very well behaved there as well, he walked perfectly next to the cart, he obeyed every command I gave to him and I did not have to ask twice. He waited patiently as I took forever finding the supplements I wanted to get. He met several strangers and offered them his paw. We met a little mixed dog that barked, growled and pulled towards him and he 100% ignored it! Didn't look in it's direction, didn't make a sound, he just ignored it.

When we were done with Petco we drove to Petsmart to look for the supplements I couldn't find at the other store. Again he was very well behaved, obeyed commands right away without me needing to repeat, he met some more strangers and offered them his paw, we encountered more obnoxious dogs and he again ignored them completely. I was so happy with how good he was that I bought him the Everlasting Treat Wheeler and some dental chews.

After Petsmart we drove to my mom's hair salon. He was so happy to see his grandma and she was so happy to see her "best boy in the whole world" that's what she calls him. My mom has 10 employees there and they all adore him so they were happy to see him as well as the customers (he's been going there since he was a puppy so he knows almost everyone, he's kind of like their mascot.) He was well behaved there as usual, he greets everyone and then he lays down by the desk and remains there quietly until someone walks up to him to see him and then he gets up and greets them and offers his paw.

On the way home I stopped to get him a hamburger from Wendy's and then I cried like a big baby. He has been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease and I am just so sad for him. I cried for his new illness but I also cried because I was/am so proud of him, he is such a great dog, always wanting to please me, always doing what I ask, always friendly and loving to everyone, he's so well behaved and so smart, taking him places is so easy, he adapts to his surroundings and is a complete joy to have around. I just love him so much, he is the best thing in my life and I am so lucky to have him. He is my heart.


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