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8.5 month old dog reactive

Hi all

I have a 8.5 month girl and she has a behaviour problem. I have been asking advice from tons of people and schools and they gave alot of different advices as to how to deal with this problem.

I just found 2 youtube videos from a trainer that deals with the same behaviour problem as my girl has. I would like to hear your opinions about this method.
(In the title it says "leash aggression" altough this is not an aggression issue. The trainer himself says the behaviour is not agression. I don't know why the title says "aggression" instead of "leash reactive"?)

At 3.10 you get a clear view of the behaviour problem:

At 1.29 you get a clear view of the behaviour problem:

The trainer uses a prong collar. In my country (Belgium) prong collars are seen as a torture device by 98 % of the people. The 1% uses them in a few Schutzhund clubs and the other 1 % uses them on pitbulls whose owners can't control them. Here in Belgium most dog schools uses a halti for the "difficult" cases.

I'm an open minded person and i would like to hear your opinions on how the trainer in the videos handle those dogs with that behaviour. I assume the dogs in the video are adults and my girl is "only 8.5 months" but she weights already 68 lbs and is getting very strong.

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