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She is just being a puppy. You need to work on engagement with her. This does not mean you need to use aversives in her training... she is only FIVE months old! She is a PUPPY!

If she is flipping out and bounding with excitement when you take her new places, then she does not care about you or want anything you have... that's what working on engagement will fix. You need to make her see that you are more valuable than everything else.

If she's a high drive puppy, build that drive onto a toy or food. Use a flirt pole, set rules. Skip her morning feeding and use super high quality treats (hot dogs, grilled chicken, bacon, etc) for training.

Work inside the house, once she's perfected that, work in the back yard, move to training while on walks, take her different places with the goal of having her do a few training commands, leave on a good note.

It's not really hard, it's just time consuming. Now is the time to do it while she is young and you can still physically manage her!
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