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Exclamation Defiant dog

My 5 month old GSD is currently attending puppy school. She does ok at home, but at school she is totally uncontrollable! The second we get there, she goes WILD! The last month we have had to start using a choke collar and the trainer got her to heel perfectly. When there are multiple dogs, she pulls wildly and barks continuously. I want to get her socialized because I don't think I can hold her back once she is 70 pounds. She goes wild when around other people, but her ears lay back so I know she is being friendly. We just cant get her to stop jumping on them and submissive peeing. She is well potty trained. That's the one thing that went right. She loves her treats and will do anything for them at home, but at school she has absolutely no interest in them. The trainer says the breeder I got her from should have never sold her to us because she has an A1 personality, extreme high work and prey drive, and was bred as if she was going to work for the police or military (I think she is the East German breed). We spend every waking minute with her. I changed my working shift to midnights while my husband works day turn so there will always be someone here to take care of her. We walk her 2 times a day, about 1mile each time. Its hard in the winter because no-one shovels their side walk and there is road salt everywhere and she wants to eat it. I cant wait until summer. We play ball with her in the house and she does good, but when its time to go to the crate we have to chase her or throw a beggin strip in the crate to get her to go in. Putting a collar on her is ****. She squirms, and bites and there is no control what-so-ever. She is now getting her adult teeth so I'm starting to worry. She gets spayed next week so I hope it helps but my trainer says it wont make any difference. My husband is insisting trying another training school. This one is all "positive" training (using treats, clickers, and no choke collars). I just don't see this dog learning with a clicker. I have a feeling I will have to resort to a prong collar which is what the breeder suggested when I got her. I'm starting to lose my patience, but don't worry, I can never hit her. I love her and I really want to get a handle on her. Any suggestions? She has been so defiant lately.
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