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Rescue Puppy Murphy update

So frustrated today with our little Murphys vet care : (

I noticed he was starting to get some patches of hair loss and dandruff so I made an appointment to get him seen. I also took in a stool sample to make sure his coccidia had cleared up. They didnt find any real reason for the skin issue which I find odd but gave me some medicated shampoo and put him on antihistamines and Ivermectin just in case he has mites they missed. He also has an apparent new case of hook and round worms. They said the hook worms were pretty bad. Im frustrated because two weeks ago they said he was clear of worms and now he has them again URGGGGGGG
I think the first time they wormed him they didnt dose him enough and they never really went away.
So now my poor puppy in three weeks has had worms, coccidia, and then worms again. I swear I just cant get this pup healthy.

Even with all this going on he has gained 2.5 lbs in two weeks and seems to be a pretty happy puppy. If we can ever get him healthy his growth may just take off : )
Poor thing has had such a rough start to life, I hope we can get him all straightened out but we may be switching vets.
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