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Trainers and over nights...

Hi all,

So my trainer really likes to have Chevelle for over nights.. she feels that is good for all.. she has a LOT of dogs at her place and I know that Chevelle likes going there but the over nights are really hard on her. I picked her up today (she was there 2 days, one night) and it literally took her 20 minutes to calm down enough to be put in my car. The trainers husband stood on the leash so she could not jump and we just waited and treated calm behavior, which lasted a few seconds before she was back to barking/whining/attempting to jump. She is 4 1/2 months old. My question is, are the over nights just too much? She is VERY attached to me, sleeps on my bed, total Velcro pup. I am wondering if we are asking too much of her here.
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