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New Skete? I don't get it

Hello all,

I just got a new rescue dog and had planned on training him using the New Skete method. However, I see that there's backlash against them?

I don't understand.....apparently electronically shocking dogs is OKAY, but being firm and physically in control is not?

I trained my Otis with the Skete book when I realized he was going to be HUGE. Admittedly he was a 3 month old puppy and it was easy (I guess). I think I might have done the controversial alpha dog roll ONCE with him. Hello? Why is electrically shocking more humane??? I think the personal contact ENHANCES the training and bonding............

Anyway, now I'm all nervous and confused. I brought my last dog up on New Skete training principles and he was the Best DOG Ever..............literally his behavior was commented on by strangers and I trusted him unconditionally to behave. Maybe I was blessed with a good, good dog..............or maybe just maybe the monks, who LIVE with dogs have it right.
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