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Originally Posted by Ares105 View Post
I do have a clicker so I can use that. Can this just be done on walks? He doesn't react to dogs behind a fence. He perks up but that's it. So let me get this straight....when we see a dog I'm suppose to click to get his attention so he looks at me? Is this the first step? Then if he looks at me I reward? If he keeps barking then what?

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Yes, you can do this on walks, it sounds like that would work better since he is less reactive towards these dogs.

A click is the marker, to bridge the gap between the "correct behavior" and the reward (treat) that will follow.

So every time you click, the dog gets a treat. You click at the exact moment the dog is doing the behavior you want.

In this case, as soon as he looks at those dogs, you click and give him a treat. He does NOT need to look back at you at this point. Just click and reward him, then continue clicking/treating each time he looks at the dogs (or if he's continuing) as long as he is not barking/growling. If he starts to bark, you walk away and increase your distance to where he is able to function and focus on you for some "sits" "downs" or "touches" on command for rewards to get his attention back on you and calm him. Then go back to click/treating for him looking without barking at the dogs.

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