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Dog looks weird

Hey I had a guy recommend a small kennel that looks kinda backyardish to me and wanted one of you vets to look for me. I am looking for an active working line dog first as a family companion, protective, stable temperament, etc that can also do sports. I looked at this kennel called Tonti trail. The male of the breeding looks alright.

Landon von Schone Stadt

That's his pedigree, the mom looks weird to me, maybe she's chunky or something idk, but can you look at pedigree ? They have just her mom and dad's pedigree under her name for some reason....

Here she is...named vala


Vala's sire

Vala's dam

Cami Von Gotter Schopfung

Something about vala looks weird to me, but I'm a rookie, her parents look fine though! Please give me your input.....thank you guys
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