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Working Dog Forum...?

I sincerely apologize if this isn't allowed... I'm not posting a link, I just didn't know where else to ask. If this isn't allowed, just go ahead and delete it, and again, I apologize.

About 20 minutes ago I signed up for the first time on the Working Dog forum. As soon as I finished entering in my initial username, password, and email address, I received an alert on my app that I was banned, and was completely kicked off the forum.

I have never signed up for that forum before... And so I have no idea why this happened, and wasn't given any way I can contact an administrator about it.

So... I didn't know if anyone on here was a member over there as well, and could explain? Or just give me a way to contact an admin via PM?

Or y'all just report this thread, it gets closed, deleted, whatever, and I'll just be content with this forum, and have no idea what happened with the other.

I am 100% remaining on the German Shepherd forum, but was hoping for an additional place more specified to working dogs.

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