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Wetness being trapped. Long haired dog, snow, wet, redness on skin, licking.

So with the snow comes of course a more wet dog! In between Zelda's paws (underneath and the top) snow gets trapped and there are clumps of snow in between each toe of her paw. When she puts her weight on her paws they spread out, as she picks them up the paw closes up and so on, until there are snow balls to the point where she has to stop on a walk and chew them off.

But today i noticed her licking underneath her paw and i spread her paw and it was pretty red. So i am drying the area the best i can and she will get a cone on when she is not being watched (such as at night when im sleeping) just until it is less red. She isn't going crazy at her paw, just sometimes i notice licking that particular spot when she is laying down.
I have trimmed around her paw the longer hair (since she has long hair). What else can i do to help stop water from being trapped in underneath between her toes?
Should she always get booties whenever we go out in the snow then?

Another side note, around her "pee pee" area (i think its called the vulva on a dog.. sorry i am not really sure!) She has long hair there too, and i dont know if i feel comfortable trimming it, its hard to tell where the vulva stops and i dont want to hurt her! But it seems to be red around the crease of the vulva, and i do notice her licking her vulva a lot, my sister suggested probably just because if she goes out in the snow and it touches snow or she pee's she is probably licking that off to clean it/dry it. Which makes sense, i just don't want her to get raw there though.
Do a lot of your females tend to lick not super frequently but quite a bit and not for long periods? I'm hoping its a normal thing! If she was licking for long periods of time, none stop, then i would be more worried as it would probably look a lot worse than it does now.

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