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crate/kennel questions

First question is should I get the plastic or metal kind.....I have used the past I used the plastic for dogs who needed to fly or were flown to me...all my past personal young dogs. I have used the metal for fosters because that is what the rescues provided. They both are within our set budget for a crate. I just need to figure out what is best, Abby's breeder said she loves the crate even at 4 weeks, she goes into sleep etc.

Second question, Where to put the crate? My two choices are the living room, this is where I am most of the time kids are in and out all day. I will also have a plastic super yard set up here, we have it from when my twins were smaller, to contain the pup for brief times when I can't have eyes on her. The other choice is the master bedroom, would be great for hearing her at night even though with my mom ears I can easily hear her in the living room. One issue we have is my twins still wake up and crawl in our bed at night, different times usually. We have the space in either place. She will be crated at night, meal times, and when we haveto leave the house, mostly wweekends(I am a SAHM so won't have to leave her much during the week).

Thanks guys!!
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