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Looking for Breeders in MICHIGAN - HELP!


I am looking right now at GSD breeders in MICHIGAN and/or very close to Michigan borders. I am having a really hard time with it!

I am not seeking to purchase a puppy this year, but to put a deposit down on a litter for 2015.

I have very specific list of things I am looking for and I would surely appreciate breeders or others to help me out here and direct me!

I am located in Houghton Lake, MI.
I am looking for a companion animal only!
I like smaller working-body shepherds with short coats (west-german lines). Mellow temperament and quiet nature is a must!
I am looking for Mostly-Black, Bi-Color, Liver or Golden coloring ONLY. I really mean that...I might sway a little if the pups are gorgeous and I really love the parents. I might consider a Red/Tan, but Bi-Color is my first choice, unless a Liver/Golden pup becomes available.

I am looking for a breeder who is willing to have a relationship with me. I really am looking to have a connection with my pup and do not want someone else to decide for me. I want to be able to pick my pup out from the entire litter, I will pay extra for first pick/choice. If this is not possible, I will understand, but would really love someone to work with me.

This is important to me, because I was with my previous GSD when he was born and picked him from the litter right after he opened his eyes. I saw him every week until I brought him home. So I hope everyone can understand why I am so specific. Connection is everything to me!

Again, I am hoping the community can help me out here. I will consider an out-of-state breeder if they have very good communication and good shipping costs, but I would consider picking up the pup in person.

I am looking only to make a Deposit for 2015 litters (or at least if 2015 hasn't been planned yet, start a line of communication), I do not have the funds available for this year and doing a lot of home improvements, so obviously this isn't the right time, but I really want to start looking so that when the time comes I am ready and have a good relationship with the breeder.

I am an active person who is looking for a wonderful companion. I am not looking to breed what-so-ever. I will defiantly go through any application process you have. I am experienced in working breeds. I have 2 acres in a quiet subdivision. I live near a lake. I have space and love to give!

I hope you all can help and look forward to feedback!

Below are some pictures of Colors/Body types I am looking for!...

1st Choice Bi-Color

1st Alternate Choice Liver/Golden



LONG COAT (King/Shiloh): NO


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