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A new problem with Sibi...

Sib went to the groomer on Mon and has seemed out of sorts since...Starting yesterday she is paying attention to her anus..looking behind hr..scooting on the carpet, etc....She is very lethargic today ...I lifted her tail to check out her butt and she yelped..not at all normal for her..she is tough...I called the groomer to see if they expressed her anal glands and they say no...her anus does look a little irritated to me..but mostly the top of her tail seems swollen, but gosh I don't know ...Anyone have any ideas as to what can be wrong? Could she have somehow hurt her the end of her back...I gave her a tramadol for pain but she still seems out of sorts..She will wag her tail but not like normal..I know a trip to the vet seems in order, however, I badly need eye care and have been saving for that...but, of course, Sib is most important ...Advise?

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