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9 wks, scared of the bark.

My pup whines every time he HEARS other dogs barking. He still needs his second round of shots, and however many shots until it's okay, so we can't take him anywhere to socialize yet, but we also don't know anyone in the area personally who have pups that are current on vaccinations. He'll look around, sit down, and start whining, then he'll run off to hide under the bed. He's doing it right now!

What can I do in the mean time until he's fully vaccinated? I really don't wanna baby him. Should I just try to keep him from hearing other dogs until we're able to socialize him more? I just feel bad for him because we can't make other dogs in the neighborhood be quiet, so we can't really do anything for him other than.. let him hide under the bed.. and that's probably not even good.
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