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Default Hey, guess who is channeling Houdini now?

It would be my female, Allie. Seems she's taught herself to scale and jump chain-link. She does not really go anywhere once out of the yard but it still makes me nervous. She is an intact female and right at a year old...don't need any puppies, don't want any puppies.

Guess I'm going to fast-track that privacy fence I've been contemplating for awhile. Tho, I have a suspicion that a 6' privacy will just slow her down rather than stop her, she is pretty athletic and devastatingly intelligent.

Might try an electric strand on top of the existing for a quick-fix, but after watching her EASILY clear the 4' fence it is sorta like peeing into the wind.

What is the average leap height for a really compact and over=powered GSD. Allie weighs about 50 pounds, maybe less and has the leg muscles of a horse.
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