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Growling at night and in the morning. help

My gsd Romeo is almost 2 he's an awesome dog responds well when we are training and playing and just sitting around the house just wants to be outside training and playing.

But I have a serious issue with him. He comes and lays with my wife and I at night when I go to bed. I tell him its ok to come up. He lays next to me for some cuddle time and will whine and groan which is comical. But lately he's been growling while he comes up in the bed. He does this even to me as I'm petting him which is odd because he has the choice to come onto the bed or not.

If my wife try's to pet him he growls at her also. He snipped at my wife about two months ago but didn't bite her. (when she was laying on the couch and over loving him he warned her by growling but she continued anyways since he usually just stops after a few seconds.) when he did this I basically tackled him and pinned him on his back while yelling at him.

He hasn't snipped since but still growls all the time. He will also do this in the morning if I go to give him a kiss before I leave for work. It seems to be only when he's in a "tired state" During the day he could care less what you do to him. Whenever he growls he always drops his head and knows I don't like it.

Seems more fearful then aggressive. I really need to nip this behavior before it gets worse. live in by Milwaukee if any good gsd behaviorist are nearby.

Any advice would be helpful
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