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Teaching Lead Manners

We adopted Harley, a neutered 3.5yo male, 2 days ago.

His lead manners could do with working on. They're not diabolical but they leave a lot to be desired, especially since I am 5ft2. He by no means is too strong for me, but I'd like to improve his lead walking for both our sakes, and also I know he is smart enough to have this to work on.

He was walked on a choke chain and we have continued this method. He is so much better when allowed some flexibility in a flexi-lead but that is not always possible. We are lucky to have so much off road walking, but it takes roads to get there. Then once he is there he is fine generally on the flexi.

He also gets pully/whiney around other dogs whilst on the lead. Yet off the lead he doesn't tend to care. He is not aggressive at all. So it's not a defensive thing.

Any advice would be welcome as he is such a good dog, and very submissive, so I do not want to mess it up by going about it wrong.
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