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Zeuterin: Canine sterilization drug

This new canine sterilization drug is just hitting the US market now.

It seems like an interesting alternative. According to linked article it can be administered with a local such that general anesthesia is not needed. It's pretty cheap at $50 and cuts testosterone production by 50%.

What are people's thoughts on this method?

I'm getting a pup, maybe a male, this Spring and have just started researching when to spay/neuter. I won't be breeding so timing and method are the questions I need to solve. I know there are lots of threads on timing but haven't seen any threads on this drug.

I can see the benefits from a rescue/shelter point of view. But what I am really interested in is what this forum thinks about this drug outside of the shelter/rescue area such a family companion, sport dog, working dog, etc.

Ark Sciences Releases Canine Sterilization Drug
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