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Dog Fight @ the Park

Yesterday, I saw a family member's post to our local dog park's Facebook page. Apparently, there had been a fight between her 2-year-old Great Dane mix and another dog. She was bitten while trying to break them up and her dog ended up with a bloodied face. She was posting to air her complaint that no one stepped in to help, which I think is a valid complaint.

However, this isn't the first time this dog has gotten into a scruff. I witnessed one situation when I was watching her dog overnight. When she came to pick him up, we accidentally spilled some dog food. My 20 lb. cocker went to grab a piece. Her dog grabbed mine by the neck and shook her until we could pull them apart.

The GSD pup I have (Stella) came from this family member. In another incident, this same dog attacked Stella over food. (I wasn't there to see this one.)

Truth be told, I was considering going to the dog park with her that day. But because I had other things to do, I declined. In retrospect, I'm glad I did and I'm thinking I may avoid the park in general.

Here's my thought process: I've had many dogs over my lifetime. In all that time and up until that one incident with my Cocker, I've never had to break up one fight -- much less three. In all honesty, I think she needs to avoid that park (though she is free to do what she pleases). At the very least, I think she needs to work with that dog and get more control over him before taking him near other dogs. Otherwise, she might find herself in a very bad situation down the road.

Am I wrong for thinking this? And if not, how can I coach her without her getting offended? Or should I mention anything at all?

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