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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
She was a real breeder.

Breeders do not earn the title by jumping through all the hoops that this site thinks they ought to. They put a dog together with a bitch and produce a litter of puppies. If she owned the bitch when the litter was conceived, then she is indeed a breeder. Not an artificial breeder, or a breeder once-removed.

What I got from the story was that the breeder was a friend, or a friend of a friend's, who gave the OP a significant break on the price of the puppy because of that. I doubt she knew the puppies had contracted the disease before selling them.

Lots of people minimize the use of vaccines. I think the OP thought that she was out of date with her vaccinations, not that she never had any. I don't know if there is enough to indicate that the breeder did not care at all about her dogs.

This line of discussion is so unhelpful. The puppy is dead. And attempts to use this section of a very sad thread to somehow malign the puppy's owner from purchasing from this breeder, is kind of crappy. Expecting the breeder's owner to go on some type of crusade against this person is also not really thinking about the people involved, but just trying to forward a crusade of your own.

It's kind of like smacking people when their dog develops hip dysplasia for going to a BYB, but what do you do when someone goes to a good breeder and their dog fails the x-ray?
If you feel this line of discussion is unhelpful then why are you adding to it. What makes you feel you should be the only one to comment off subject? Seriously i see so many pots calling the kettle black on this site.
If the breeder was indeed a breeder then then the OP is entitled to a fefund and vet costs per the California puppy lemon law and can go to small claims. I really do agree another tbread should be started in regards to what a real breeder and what a byb or hobby breeder is.

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