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Your most popular puppy toys

Ok, so I am asking this question, A. because I haven't really found anything useful on this topic, and B. because it's getting expensive to buy chew toys. So I wanted to ask all of you what toy you found most soothing for your teething puupy that they love. I just bought one of those kong things and stuffed it with food, however she just chews up the toy and takes little pieces of the toy off which isn't how they should be used. She is really interested in it which is a plus but I don't want her swallowing any of the rubber material. I bought her the extreme one and she still is taking pieces off. She has two cloth tug toys but isn't very interested in them. The other toys I have bought her ones that squeak she tears them up. So I'd just love to hear what you guys have used that work! thanks!
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