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Help! Senior GSD!

I have a female GSD that will be turning 9 years old in March, we brought her inside for awhile and I noticed that she was breathing hard. Not panting though. Sometimes she'll relax and she won't breath as hard but her breathing will be a bit fast. She used to be a quiet breather now she has noisy breathing and I don't know why. She acts normal other than that. Outside she'll run and play. Just now I went out of my room for awhile and she started whining like she had to go outside. I returned to put the leash on her but when I got back into the room she stopped whining and laid down beside me, content again. She has NEVER done this before, I always made sure that my GSD didn't have separation anxiety. Now she is laying with her head in my lap, breathing hard, but content otherwise. What could cause all of this suddenly? I'm so worried that it's something serious.
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