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Hes terrified because the dog snapped at him? Did the dog bite him or just snap?
Sampson has an ear infection, in both ears. I believe when Ax went to hug him, Ax may have touched a sensitive area. Sampson then snapped: he didn't actively bit him, but teeth did get around his arm someway: he was wearing his hoody and Sampson tore a hole in it. Ax believes Sampson would have drawn blood if it hadn't been for hoody. I'm believe it's from getting caught on Samspon's teeth when Ax pulled back. However, I'm not bringing up the past here. What's done is done. I need to move forward.

He's terrified because he thinks _next time_ Sampson will do more bodily hard. Ax is a short guy. He is actually not much larger than Sampson himself: Ax is aprox 135lb, Sampson is 100lb.

I'm looking into trainers. I'm heading to one school -- Cooperhaus | San Jose, CA -- this weekend for a quick course, and may talk with them in more detail about further in-depth training.

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