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4yr GSD snapping at my partner. Need immediate help!

I need some advice:

Recently, my 4yr old GSD (Sampson) and my partner (we'll call him Ax) have been at odds with each other. In general, things are good. However, last night Sampson snapped at him (not the first time unfortunately, but it *has* to be the last). Ax put his arm around Sampson (over body), and Sampson did not like it at all... Ax really took it hard; he's terrified, and now has problems approaching Sampson over it.

I need advice.

I think what might have happened is Ax has been using and threatening Sampson with a shock-collar. I'm not a fan of shock-collars, but outside of a first few shocks, I was under the impression it's been purely a intimidation method. However, I fear this may have created wedge between them, particularly on Sampson's part.

Unfortunately, because I don't use the collar (I'm the one always taking _off_ the collar), Ax feels I'm not concerned for his safety... That can't be any farther from the truth! :/

Ax is new to dogs. We just moved in together about a month ago. He's never had pets before, let along a 100lb GSD. This is all new territory for him. I need help helping him.

How can I get things back in order between them? What can I do to show Ax I understand his concerns, but there isn't anything I can do punish a dog outside mere minutes of the incident (or am I wrong?? Please! Correct me if I'm wrong here!). I don't think Ax understands the ADHD of dogs.

Thanks. Please, help!

PS: Outside of these incidents, Sampson is 100% chipper, hyper, all lovey-dovey around Ax. Sampson DOES very visible cower at the sight of the shock-collar and remote; Ax has used it as intimidation when Sampson gets a little too pushy in our space.
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