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My schedule revolves around my gs mix puppy. Insight needed.

I sound nuts when i type this out but i dont know how else to raise this puppy. I apologize if i am in the wrong forum. Anyway, i had a lazy pug before this gsm and i ignorantly adopted this puppy because i always wanted to adopt or rescue. I was told this pup would be a 25lb border terrier mix. I did not expect any high energy dog...again, naive. she is almost four months old.
Anyway...i want this pup to be a well trained, well mannered pup and dog. I realize Leaving her in the yard all day will lead her to tear and dig it up with no exercise. Our fence is not the safest as it is wrought iron and does not fully touch the ground. We live on a busy street. In summertime, rattlesnakes are around,too.
She is in her crate in her comfy bed from6:30p to 6:30a and does wonderfully. She is happy to go in. I wake up to let her out twice. No accidents at night. Since she spends so much night time in her crate, i feel like i must spend my other time with her pretty much. I stay home and my child goes to preschool. Basically when its time for the dogs nap, i crate her and run errands. When she is not napping, im keeping an eye on her or walking her, playing or training her.Im tired!
I cannot figure out the right balance. Night time is not negotiable. I dont want my lifef to revolve around my dog but really....i sound nuts when my friends ask me to go walking with them for leisure and im like well i cant..i have errands to run while my pup naps. Help!! Please go easy on me.
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