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Doxycycline price increase by 20X!

My GSD is having a flare-up of chronic tick illness and I'm paying $150 for just two weeks of doxycycline. I need to keep her on the drug several months and this price is ridiculous. I've looked on line and it seems like some legal mind has cornered the market on the drug precursor and is making huge profit. The drug used to cost me $4 a month as a generic at the local pharmacy.

Anyone with a dog with tick illness getting doxy more cheaply? I can make it happen, but $300 a month for a common antibiotic is a lot more than I can easily spend.

I looked on line and found I could get doxy at a sketchy looking international pharmacy (approved by Indian FDA- if there is such a thing). Everywhere else is either out of stock or priced just as high.
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