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I love mine.

Not a breed for the inexperienced owner. I got Lucian from a shelter. He was surrendered because he was "uncontrollable and aggressive." He's a good dog with a good temperament and very solid nerves. Probably one of the harder dogs I've been around. He is social and not sharp, low thresholds. He can be very civil though. Great with the family now, but he was very pushy when young.

Improper training would have made him dangerous. He's one of those dogs that you don't want to work against. I chose to work with him for the shelter and ended up keeping him because I loved his temperament. I didn't really care what breed he was, and wasn't looking for a dog. We just got lucky.

My experience with other CCs is not very similar. I have met a few very sharp dogs with weak nerves. The kind of dog that looks/acts menacing because it is putting on a show to get you to leave. Not a dog I would own.

Buyer beware because of the breed popularity in less than ethical circles. There are good dogs out there, but you should know what you are looking at when choosing a breeder and dog.

I like them without cropped ears myself.

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