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One excited puppy, one happy mama!

So.. I have had these random thoughts, on occassion, where I wonder if Titan is happy with us (not that he really knows different lol). Not looking for sympathy or a pity party at all, just a thought that crosses my mind form time to time. He's never been an extremely attention seeking dog, which his very different from what I was used to. He isn't vocal really at all.. ever.. unless someone is at the door (see obsession barking thread, about the only time that boy makes a peep) Anyways, lately he has been getting into a routine where in the mornings, he will come lay his head next to mine and ask to come up with us. We let him and he starts snuggling now! AND lately he has been getting very excited when I come home from work, which reassures me on that front, and I have just gotten plain used to his attitudes, LOL. "Fine you can pet me but then we play ball, mom!"

So on Sunday, my BF and I had to leave last minute for the night. Due to the fact we were leaving in late afternoon and coming back early morning, we decided Titan would be fine in the house for the duration, plus very last minute to find someone. He has a doggy door, doesn't dig or get into things outside, EVER nor does he chew things in the house. He had a plethera of chews to entertain and many full water bowls. tuckered him out and fed him right before we left (waiting obviously before feeding him after the tuckering). I wondered about him ALL night because I had never ever done that before and it was a little longer than normal. I thought he would be just as excited as he normally was when we get home from somewhere but I was completely taken aback by his reaction.

We pulled into the drive and he was in the yard.. ran up to the gate to check it out. But yelled to him "Weee're hooooome!" and he instantly ran into the house. Then when he normally greets us by the front door, this time he was standing just inside the doggy door by the back door.. When we came inside, he just started whining so excitedly! he wiggled all around just vocal as ever, yips and barks, and high pitched GSD sounds! Brought all his toys to us and just was so dang excited. I have NEVER seen him like this. Even when I got back from my deployment. He was happy then, but nothing compared to this.. It was so cute! made my heart melt and fall in love with him all over again.. and more or less reassured my insecurity of making him happy

No comments really NEEDED just wanted to share my happy moment.


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