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German Shepherd Bitch seriously out of control......Need Advice thanks

Hi everyone,

I am a new member in the UK. I have a gogeous GSD Bitch with serious deep seeded behavioural issue. I am her third owner and I have over 20 years experience with GSDs and I am at a point now where I have 3 options

1) Three months intensive behaviour therapy by myself if this doesnt work my vet has agreed the kindest thing would be to put my girl to sleep.

2) Rehome to German Shepherd Rescue if there is space giving them all her history that i know of.

3) My Behaviour therapy works and in three months I have a dog I can keep permanently.

4 years ago I took in Brody as her owner couldnt cope and with my experience of GSDs I thought i could cope I am her third owner. All was ok then 2 years ago my health changed drastically, after several weeks in hospital I came home and hired a dog walker. I found out that Brody had cancererous lump and it was removed successfully, to this date no signs of cancer. 14th January this year I had followup surgery and was in hospital for a week, came home and in the past 5 weeks since my surgery the behaviour in 2 dogs seriously deteriorated, suffering from seperation anxiety. I have tried everything I can think of and the behaviour was much improved until yesterday when i reintroduced all 4 dogs to one room. I came home to find diahreah all over the floor. This morning i came down to find that brody had destroyed her bed, it was a brand new bed.

I have just returned from the vets with the dog with diahreah explained all thats been going on and the vet has agreed I have tried everything and if brody's behaviour doesnt improve in 3 months or if i havent found her a place with GSD rescue that the kindest thing would be to put her to sleep. Obviously i am devastated about this but we cannot carry on as we are. Life is misreable for adults and all 4 dogs. I admit due to my health i havnt been able to get brody out as much as i wouldve liked but today and henceforth she will get 1 hour run off lead at 7am as she is antisocial to other dogs and a 20 lead walk at night. Brody will now be left on her own when adults out of house with a kong and treats stuffed inside and radio on. The other 3 are together.

Sorry for such a long post but any advice would be greatly recieved, thank you for reading.

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