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Default Naturally boosting immune system in puppy?

My 15 week old pup has been fighting infection issues due to a weak immune system near about the whole time I've had him and my vet put him on antibiotics and steroids for a while but now we both agree he doesn't need anymore and want to start building up his little immune system. I have probiotics on the way and I'm itching to get him started, I'm a firm believer in probios.(I take mine every single day)

I was hoping for some suggestions as to anthing else I could do to help him. He's on a good grain free diet, vet is satisfied with what he's eating, as am I. He said diet and nutrition are the number one thing to get a dog healthy and I'm on the right track there. But I was wondering if there are any supplements I should look into. Someone suggested digestive enzymes and I will also look into that as I believe you need that combined with probiotics to really get thefull effect.

Any suggestions out there?
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