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Might have to change dog food - suggestions

The feed store recently informed me that their distributor would no longer be supplying them with Royal Canin and that I should consider the switch to a new food.
I have a choice - switch to a new food OR travel the 38 mile round trip to the nearest Petsmart. I'm older than dirt; have had dogs most of my life. I think I've tried all of so called "top brands" and each carried it's own set of problems.

I've been feeding Royal Canin for many years and have encountered absolutely no problems - that goes for baby, puppy and adult.

After reading claims and reviews until my head aches I'm beginning to think that the trip to Petsmart might not be that bad.

I'd like to hear of your experience with some other brands.

Note to you newbies: even us old timers need help once in a while.

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