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This sounds SUPER familiar to me.. because Titan has taken to doing the same exact thing.

Are you sure it's fear for one thing? And what does she do when she barks at their feet.. does she do it aggressively? Does she stop on her own? Does she come back to you? Also I agree with carmspack.. you cannot be positive that she won't bite.. If you get a chance find my thread (on my phone or I'd find it for you) in the aggression forum called "was this aggression?....." I had the same thought with Titan and became really lax with his off leash "greeting" of others because "he's a big teddy bear, he's just excited! He'd never bite anyone!" And all those excuses we make for our babies.... it bit me in the butt (no pun intended ) when he actually did go running up and bite someone.. didn't break skin and the man was so oddly cool with the whole situation thank God.. but it was an extreme eye opener.

Put her on a leash.. If you want her to meet someone. Take her to them, make her sit and then allow the greeting. Since the incident, we haven't had a lot of off leash time in Public except very secluded areas.. and have not let Titan introduce himself, so to speak. Titan has been fantastic. Take control of her and I'm sure you'll see a change. It was a hard realization for me, a good one, to realize I am the one that encouraged this unintentionally.

If it is indeed a fear issue, regardless, leash her, but someone else will definitely ha e good advice for fear aggression.

I do wish you luck!

EDIT: did just want to add that this was not a fear issue for Titan.. just an extreme excitement.. so if it is a fear thing.. which i wrote this before other had chimed in.. then definitely focus on managing that and what I did may not work. I just wanted to make that clear.

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