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Possible hip/elbow dysplasia

Just found out that our 5 mth old beautiful girl Penny may have elbow and or hip dysplasia. All 4 legs look dodgy. She gets up from a sleep looking like an old arthritic dog. In particular though, her back legs don't look stable and she seems to be in some degree of discomfort with her front left leg. So not happy. Luckily for Penny she was already booked in to be spayed in a couple of days so can have all 4 legs xrayed then saving her from having 2 anaesthetics. I thought I knew a fair bit about GSDs but it seems I am still naive. I thought that if u went to a good breeder and both parents had been hip and elbow checked u would be ok

Boy I have ridden such a rollercoaster already with this dog. Whilst my husband was falling hopelessly in love she was driving me mental. We've had major shark problems and I have seriously wished I could find her a new home about a thousand times. She has stressed me to the max. But to see her walk....the poor thing. Our contract states some stuff about returning the dog for another. Gosh, I just couldn't bear to imagine what a breeder would do with such a dog if anyone did return one. I can't see any dog surviving. So now we wait.....and I go off to do loads of research.

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