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I wasn't really planning on a third, we lost our GSDXCollie mix last year and i've been busy raising a Briard puppy and my other German Shepherd is about 8 years old now. Luckily the senior GSD is very well adjusted, in fact she's a perfect "foster dog mom" so i've enjoyed fostering. She helps teach young dogs what they need to learn and is just a wonderful example of the breed as far as her temperament goes.

The Briard is still young so I was hesitant to raise two young dogs. It's usually more of a bad idea than a good one. My Briard has been in obedience training since he was 10 weeks old, he's a very solid, well adjusted dog..doesn't chew, bene potty trained since he was 15 weeks old, just a good all around dog.

This new guy seems easy to train and at one point I believe he was someone's pet. I'm not really sure why he ended up in a shelter. He was crate trained and house broken when he came in to my home and walks wonderfully on a leash. He is so well behaved I did my own search trying to find out if someone happened to be missing 2 nice looking male GSDs because it's just so hard to believe they were just found as street dogs! Someone taught them something at some point! Street dogs just don't come into a home this well behaved!
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