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I would highly suggest that you remove the dog from the situation....okay couldn't help myself and you were just begging to hear that....LOL

Okay, here are some cookie cutter possibilities from a web site. I like the first three......

German Shepherd Aggression

German Shepherd aggression can have various causes, as we discuss below. But whatever the cause of the German Shepherd aggression, you need to address it now straight away or it may soon become both scary for you and others, as well as dangerous.
Causes of German Shepherd aggression

There are many potential causes of aggressive behaviour in a German Shepherd:
  • Your GSD may not yet have accepted you as the alpha leader in the pack
  • Your GSD may feel threatened if you or someone else is sometimes intruding its territory in a disrespectful way
  • The aggression could lead back to an attack by another dog or by any person during the dog’s life
  • Dog aggression may result from a mistake made with the puppy
  • Dog aggression could be triggered by heredity and genetics
  • Most of the time however aggressive behaviour in German Shepherds is down to stress and fear

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